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Social media for Rothesay

We had a morning session all about social media, looking at how we could share our work using social media and what we could do to stay safe online.

Our tweet about learning about social media was sent all around the world, even in a few hours!

We all worked in groups and sent our first tweets about our project work, writing them in Word then counting the characters to make sure they were not more than 140 and adding hashtags like ‘#golf’ to describe our tweet; we sent them out from the school Twitter account

We also made some videos and audioboos about using social media, to show what we had learned in our groups.

Today we had the chance to interview Iain MacDonald about his hobby Shinty

Today we had the chance to interview Iain MacDonald about his hobby Shinty, our favourite bit was when he told a story about how he got three stitches on his head! He plays for Kyles Athletic, he did play as captain for Bute Shinty Club first team. He also played for Scotland, we loved asking him questions and hearing his answers. He had lots of interesting answers! It was great opportunity for us Primary sevens. He is a brilliant Shinty player and a very interesting man to talk to.
Erin, Scott, Andrew, Skye and Ewan.

Learning about sailing from Mrs Soane

Today we got a chance to interview Mrs Soane about her hobby, sailing. It was very interesting and we learned a lot about her hobby. We asked her six questions about sailing. Our favourite bit was when she told us about the place where she goes to sail. Duncan especially liked the bit when she told us about how we could sign up to the centre. The interview was three minutes long and we all enjoyed everything Mrs Soane told us. We all think sailing would be a good sport and there is a lot more to learn about it. Click here to hear what Mrs Soane has told us, it may get you interested and want to try sailing yourself….
Felicity, Duncan, Rhian, Ross and Craig.

Learning about Lawn Bowls

Today we interviewed Mr McMurchie. His favourite hobby is Lawn bowls. Please click on the link to see what he has what to say about lawn bowls. Mr McMurchie told us some interesting points about lawn bowls. It was very interesting to listen to. Please ENJOY the audio because it was our very first time, it was fun to be a reporter for our new blog. Please GO on to our blog and look how we got on with Mr McMurchie.
Paige, Sarah, Sophie B, Jack and Joe

Today we interviewed Margaret-Anne Speirs!

We talked to her about her highland dancing career and her achievements were very impressive. The interview turned out to be very interesting. We learned loads of interesting facts about highland dancing and all the memories that Margaret-Anne had gone through! She said she loved taking the school pupils and especially to see some of her dancing students looking smart in their uniform in class! She is 41 years old and she is leaping and jumping around just to help her dancing students to prepare for dancing championships and exams! Our group are extremely grateful for her coming in and taking time off her work to see us!

Josh, Campbell, Katie, Heather and Alana.