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Today we have started to work on our digital commonwealth digital project at Rothesay Primary school. We have been planning out our ideas of what the best way to tell stories of people, place, culture and exchange and how we can tell stories about living on Bute and what happens in Rothesay.

4 thoughts on “Welcome to the Rothesay Primary Digital Commonwealth Blog”

  1. Looks really interesting and exciting and a great way to communicate across the Commonwealth. I’m sure you’ll make lots of new friends through your blog.

  2. The P6,P7 and S2s of our school are also doing the digital commonwealth. It was interesting to listen to the interveiws you are doing since we are going to do a workshop on interviewing this week. We also live on an island and it was nice to find out what another island were doing similar to what we are.

  3. Had lots of fun with this project and so did all my class and thanks you for all the adults that helped !!!!!!! My family has all seen this site and thought there should be more sites like this to get more children understand what the comanwealth games is all about !!!

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