Stories from living on the Isle of Bute

Hiya we are Felicity Baird, Rhian McFarlane, Duncan Morrell, Ross Anderson and Craig Speirs. We are going to tell you about the Isle of Bute. First Felicity will tell you about how she is new to the island and what she likes.

I am Felicity and I have only lived on the island for approximately two years. I started at Rothesay Primary School in Primary 6 and I think it is the best I have been to so far. My first teacher was Mrs Spencer before she had to get an operation on her shattered knee which made her hip sore. She had to stop being a teacher and is now a substitute when she is needed. Everyone was sad she had to go but then we go another teacher Mrs Wheatly. She was kind but sometimes she shouted. At the time we had Miss Morss in the morning some days. I went to my music tuition with Mr Spencer during the morning. I was learning to play Clarinet along with Euan, Heather, Skye and Katie. It went on until our break finished. Once I had to go get someone a packet of crisps from tuck and I missed a couple of minutes of practice time. I am in Primary 7 now and my teacher is Miss Henry. She is the most fun teacher I have been taught by. I also like the island because it is very pretty. It is great for picture walks and for a nice relaxing holiday. I first holidayed here two summers ago and Roseland’s Caravan Park, it has caravans and one cottage you could stay in. My favourite beach on the island is Ettrick Bay. I have only been there once but it was awesome. I even found baby green jellyfish. That is why I like the isle of Bute. As it is very pretty.

I’m Craig and I’m going to tell you fishing .The best loch to go fishing is loch fad but at the moment It is infected with lice. I started fishing when I was five. I got my first fishing rod. J

Hi my name is Ross and I would like to tell you about the Golf courses on Bute. There are three golf courses on Bute they is the Port, Rothesay and Kingarth.

The best I would say is Rothesay golf club mainly because it is the only one that has eighteen holes. Bute has nine holes and the port there is twelve holes. J

My name is Rhian. On the island I went to ardbrannan riding centre which has loads of horses ….I visited it every Saturday morning. I learned about how to muck out clean, groom them and ride them. My favourite horse was Jimmy. He is a chestnut colour and very big. We use to ride through the bridle path, it was fun and I met lots of people there.

Hello my name is Duncan Morrell and I would like to tell you about the take-away places on the Isle of Bute. First we have the ‘West End Chippy’ in the Gallowgate which sells different suppers – sausage, pie or fish. We also have the ‘Jade Garden’ which is a Chinese restaurant. Another Chinese restaurant is the ‘Sea Dragon’. I learned some information about ‘Zavaroni’s’ on the front – the family moved here in 1903 and opened up three restaurants. They all sell ice-cream and chips!


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