Rothesay school and Rothesay Ferry



At school in Scotland our classes are very modern.
All the children wear a school uniform, the school uniform colours are Grey, navy blue, yellow and red. Not a lot of people wear it!
Our school’s head teacher is called MRS, Kirsteen Macdonald, Mrs Macdonald is the best head teacher ever, in my opinion.


Rothesay ferries are very use full in there on way. They are called Caledonian Mcbryne it has big windows and a shop. That has food, drink and local newspapers too!!!
It has 4 floors, a car deck , a lounge the out side deck, captain’s room. There is two bouts that run. All day to 8:30pm. You get on at a lovely station you can some times see porpoises and it the time is takes from Bute to Wemyss bay is about 30 minutes.

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