P7 exploring people, place, culture and exchange

Highland dancing

My favourite hobby is highland dancing because we go away to competitions and we have a great time! I have won 68 medals going away to competitions and I have loads of fun. The longest I have ever travelled is about 7 hours to Oban! I would never quit highland dancing because I love it! My dance teacher is really nice and amazing at dancing and she danced at competitions and she won the overall!


My name is Josh Cowan and my favourite hobby is shinty my dad and his dad played shinty and I’ve been playing since I was three years old so I’ve been playing for eight years. I play in tournaments for under primary seven team and for under fourteens all over Scotland including Bute.

Zlatan Ibrahimovich

My name is Campbell and I want to tell you about my favourite footballer Zlatan ibrahimovich he plays for the best team in France Paris-saint German he plays for the Swedish national squad he scored from 40 yards out and that was my favourite goal ever.


My name is Katie and I want to tell you about Cyprus. It is a lovely country and has a really nice Culture. I like that is warm and the people are lovely. I have a friend called Gulrem and her mum and dad own a restaurant and I get to work there when I visit. It has a lot of different interesting places to go and has lovely beaches.


Hi my name is Alana and I would like to tell you about gifts and how they can be exchanged between people and countries. When you think of gifts you probably think of chocolate or flowers but gifts can be much more because you can give the gift of a shinty stick to someone who is just learning or you could give a language book to learn a different language. Gifts are nice if you happen to like them and if you don’t then that’s too bad. Thank you for reading this goodbye.

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