Today we had the chance to interview Iain MacDonald about his hobby Shinty

Today we had the chance to interview Iain MacDonald about his hobby Shinty, our favourite bit was when he told a story about how he got three stitches on his head! He plays for Kyles Athletic, he did play as captain for Bute Shinty Club first team. He also played for Scotland, we loved asking him questions and hearing his answers. He had lots of interesting answers! It was great opportunity for us Primary sevens. He is a brilliant Shinty player and a very interesting man to talk to.
Erin, Scott, Andrew, Skye and Ewan.

Learning about sailing from Mrs Soane

Today we got a chance to interview Mrs Soane about her hobby, sailing. It was very interesting and we learned a lot about her hobby. We asked her six questions about sailing. Our favourite bit was when she told us about the place where she goes to sail. Duncan especially liked the bit when she told us about how we could sign up to the centre. The interview was three minutes long and we all enjoyed everything Mrs Soane told us. We all think sailing would be a good sport and there is a lot more to learn about it. Click here to hear what Mrs Soane has told us, it may get you interested and want to try sailing yourself….
Felicity, Duncan, Rhian, Ross and Craig.

Learning about Lawn Bowls

Today we interviewed Mr McMurchie. His favourite hobby is Lawn bowls. Please click on the link to see what he has what to say about lawn bowls. Mr McMurchie told us some interesting points about lawn bowls. It was very interesting to listen to. Please ENJOY the audio because it was our very first time, it was fun to be a reporter for our new blog. Please GO on to our blog and look how we got on with Mr McMurchie.
Paige, Sarah, Sophie B, Jack and Joe

Today we interviewed Margaret-Anne Speirs!

We talked to her about her highland dancing career and her achievements were very impressive. The interview turned out to be very interesting. We learned loads of interesting facts about highland dancing and all the memories that Margaret-Anne had gone through! She said she loved taking the school pupils and especially to see some of her dancing students looking smart in their uniform in class! She is 41 years old and she is leaping and jumping around just to help her dancing students to prepare for dancing championships and exams! Our group are extremely grateful for her coming in and taking time off her work to see us!

Josh, Campbell, Katie, Heather and Alana.

Audio Interview with Jane Gillies about her golfing passion

We just had a chance to interview Jane Gillies about her golfing passion. We asked her questions about golfing.  She was very interested to hear our questions even though she’s not been playing for long. She was really interesting and answered expertly.  Though she has only been playing for a little while now she’s still trying her hardest. She loves the sport now and she’s trying to get her handicap down from 24 this year. We really enjoyed talking to Jane she was a lot of fun we hope we get the chance to talk to her again, I hope you will listen to our link.

Jonah, Amy, Thomas, Amy and Hayley

Audio interview with Dundee’s Jim McAlister

We interviewed Jim McAlister today he answered all of our questions with very interesting answers. The boys were very happy to interview a professional footballer and talk to him YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We wish we got his signature. We hope that he will come back to our school. He is coming back up to the school to play football with the boys and do P.E and play the children vs. staff match. He was a very interesting person to interview and he was very polite. He seemed very interested in our questions and very confident about what he was saying.

Sophie M, Chloe, Ronan, Ashley and Ryan.

P7 exploring people, place, culture and exchange

Highland dancing

My favourite hobby is highland dancing because we go away to competitions and we have a great time! I have won 68 medals going away to competitions and I have loads of fun. The longest I have ever travelled is about 7 hours to Oban! I would never quit highland dancing because I love it! My dance teacher is really nice and amazing at dancing and she danced at competitions and she won the overall!


My name is Josh Cowan and my favourite hobby is shinty my dad and his dad played shinty and I’ve been playing since I was three years old so I’ve been playing for eight years. I play in tournaments for under primary seven team and for under fourteens all over Scotland including Bute.

Zlatan Ibrahimovich

My name is Campbell and I want to tell you about my favourite footballer Zlatan ibrahimovich he plays for the best team in France Paris-saint German he plays for the Swedish national squad he scored from 40 yards out and that was my favourite goal ever.


My name is Katie and I want to tell you about Cyprus. It is a lovely country and has a really nice Culture. I like that is warm and the people are lovely. I have a friend called Gulrem and her mum and dad own a restaurant and I get to work there when I visit. It has a lot of different interesting places to go and has lovely beaches.


Hi my name is Alana and I would like to tell you about gifts and how they can be exchanged between people and countries. When you think of gifts you probably think of chocolate or flowers but gifts can be much more because you can give the gift of a shinty stick to someone who is just learning or you could give a language book to learn a different language. Gifts are nice if you happen to like them and if you don’t then that’s too bad. Thank you for reading this goodbye.

Rothesay school and Rothesay Ferry



At school in Scotland our classes are very modern.
All the children wear a school uniform, the school uniform colours are Grey, navy blue, yellow and red. Not a lot of people wear it!
Our school’s head teacher is called MRS, Kirsteen Macdonald, Mrs Macdonald is the best head teacher ever, in my opinion.


Rothesay ferries are very use full in there on way. They are called Caledonian Mcbryne it has big windows and a shop. That has food, drink and local newspapers too!!!
It has 4 floors, a car deck , a lounge the out side deck, captain’s room. There is two bouts that run. All day to 8:30pm. You get on at a lovely station you can some times see porpoises and it the time is takes from Bute to Wemyss bay is about 30 minutes.

Stories from living on the Isle of Bute

Hiya we are Felicity Baird, Rhian McFarlane, Duncan Morrell, Ross Anderson and Craig Speirs. We are going to tell you about the Isle of Bute. First Felicity will tell you about how she is new to the island and what she likes.

I am Felicity and I have only lived on the island for approximately two years. I started at Rothesay Primary School in Primary 6 and I think it is the best I have been to so far. My first teacher was Mrs Spencer before she had to get an operation on her shattered knee which made her hip sore. She had to stop being a teacher and is now a substitute when she is needed. Everyone was sad she had to go but then we go another teacher Mrs Wheatly. She was kind but sometimes she shouted. At the time we had Miss Morss in the morning some days. I went to my music tuition with Mr Spencer during the morning. I was learning to play Clarinet along with Euan, Heather, Skye and Katie. It went on until our break finished. Once I had to go get someone a packet of crisps from tuck and I missed a couple of minutes of practice time. I am in Primary 7 now and my teacher is Miss Henry. She is the most fun teacher I have been taught by. I also like the island because it is very pretty. It is great for picture walks and for a nice relaxing holiday. I first holidayed here two summers ago and Roseland’s Caravan Park, it has caravans and one cottage you could stay in. My favourite beach on the island is Ettrick Bay. I have only been there once but it was awesome. I even found baby green jellyfish. That is why I like the isle of Bute. As it is very pretty.

I’m Craig and I’m going to tell you fishing .The best loch to go fishing is loch fad but at the moment It is infected with lice. I started fishing when I was five. I got my first fishing rod. J

Hi my name is Ross and I would like to tell you about the Golf courses on Bute. There are three golf courses on Bute they is the Port, Rothesay and Kingarth.

The best I would say is Rothesay golf club mainly because it is the only one that has eighteen holes. Bute has nine holes and the port there is twelve holes. J

My name is Rhian. On the island I went to ardbrannan riding centre which has loads of horses ….I visited it every Saturday morning. I learned about how to muck out clean, groom them and ride them. My favourite horse was Jimmy. He is a chestnut colour and very big. We use to ride through the bridle path, it was fun and I met lots of people there.

Hello my name is Duncan Morrell and I would like to tell you about the take-away places on the Isle of Bute. First we have the ‘West End Chippy’ in the Gallowgate which sells different suppers – sausage, pie or fish. We also have the ‘Jade Garden’ which is a Chinese restaurant. Another Chinese restaurant is the ‘Sea Dragon’. I learned some information about ‘Zavaroni’s’ on the front – the family moved here in 1903 and opened up three restaurants. They all sell ice-cream and chips!


Learning about Scotland and the Isle of Bute


On Bute there are various different sports like football, golf, shinty, kickboxing, cricket, horse riding & fishing. There is a football team called the brandanes & a shinty team called Bute shinty club. There are also lots of lochs on the island & various types of fish. In fresh water there is trout, pike, perch, roach, carp, bream, tench & in salt basking shark, mackerel, Pollock, cod, conga, salmon, sea trout, saith, whiting, wrasse. Right now all the lochs are closed unless you are a member because of lice. On the island there’s also 3 golf clubs rothesey, the port & Bute golf course. These are some of the most popular sports.

The National Animal  

You probably already know that the thistle is Scotland’s national flower, however what you might not know is that the unicorn is Scotland’s national animal. Since the reign of king Robert the 3rd in the late 1300s the unicorn has been a part of the official seal of Scotland. However when James the 5th of Scotland became king of both Scotland and England after Queen Elizabeth died in the 1603 both traditional loin and the Scottish became the traditional animals.

Irn Bru

Irn Bru is an orange drink that is fizzy. Scotland made it in 1901 so it is really old. It is a delightful drink the flavour is so unexplainable. The company who made this successful drink are named BARR. There are lots of really funny adverts that they have made they are so popular they are on YouTube